Casey's 11th Anniversary

A personal campaign sponsored by Charlotte Wethington
August 19, 2013 — September 19, 2013

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August 19th will be the 11th anniversary of my son’s death from a heroin overdose. It wasn’t until Casey needed a detox bed that I learned of the life-saving work of Transitions, Inc. Eleven years later, the demand for detox and treatment beds has increased dramatically and funding has seriously decreased or at best stayed the same. In memory of Casey and in recognition of his 11th anniversary, please
support my campaign to raise $1100.00 in one month so that, with the help of Transitions, other ‘Casey’s’ may have the opportunity to live in recovery from their disease rather than die from it. In order to reach my goal, I’m requesting donations of $11.00 for each year that Casey has been gone. However, any amount, above or below, will be gratefully accepted and greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Casey’s mom


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